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Emergency Response

When there is a disaster in City of Calgary involving more than 100 people, Community Kitchen Program of Calgary is contacted to create meals for the evacuees and for the disaster response staff to contiue their effort to help the victims.

Community Kitchen Program of Calgary creates meals for the disaster response staff in order for them to continue helping victims of the trauma first as well as meals for the evacuees.

Why do we do it?
The Community Kitchen Program is here to help. We not only want to eliminate hunger in the city, but want to assist by reaching out to those in need during a disaster.

Where does it happen?
The food preparation takes place in our industrial kitchen located on the Community Kitchen premises. No matter what time the event may occur, staff is contacted and “all hands are on deck” to get a full meal prepared and delivered to the site within 2 hours of the call.

Thank You to Our Supporters:

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