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Souper Stars

The Souper Stars Program is a youth program offered under Community Kitchen Program of Calgary. Classes are delivered by the Community Kitchens Youth Programs Facilitator to designated schools.

With your support in the last year, we have given over 67,000 snacks to Calgary children through the Souper Stars program. This is equal to the population of airdrie and 75 full west jest flights!

What is Souper Stars?
The program is specifically designed to teach elementary students in grades 4 to 6, how to attain a safer and healthier lifestyle.

It is designed to build self-esteem in children by equipping them with life skills and confidence in their personal abilities. Group dynamics, social skills and positive self-image are developed along with their nutritional and safety education.

The topics covered throughout the 10 weeks all fall under the umbrella of ‘healthy living’, from proper etiquette to knife safety and much more.

At the end of each class, the children are presented with a healthy snack and bottled water, milk or juice provided by the Souper Stars Program. The program ends with a graduation celebration, complete with diplomas and prizes, to celebrate the children's success and new-found knowledge.

When does this program run?
A series of 60-70 minute classes taught over a 10 week timeframe. From September to December, and January to April as part of the school curriculum.

Where does this program take place?
Approximately 30 different classrooms a year in public, Aboriginal, Spanish Immersion and Separate school boards. We concentrate on the lower income areas of the city.

Why was this program created?
This hands-on approach to nutrition and lifestyle gives children a chance to actively participate in simple food preparation, learning how to make healthy food choices and to feel more confident in the kitchen. The program builds self-esteem in children by affirming, edifying and equipping them with life skills and confidence in their personal abilities. Group dynamics, social skills and positive self-image are developed along with the nutritional education. SouperStars gives children information and skills they can take into their own homes. Proper table setting, smart shopping and knife safety have yielded the most positive feedback.

Why does it matter?
Created in 2002, Souper Stars responds to rising concerns about childhood obesity and hunger. It also addresses specific statistics involving childhood poverty. 1 in 7 children across Canada go without food and currently over 30,000 children in Calgary go to school without a lunch each day.


If you work at a local school and are interested in having the Souper Stars Program please contact our youth programs facilitator for more information:

Lucy Trevino
P (403) 538-7380
E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank You to Our Supporters:
  • Big Hearted Mavericks Foundation
  • The Prosser Charitable Foundation
  • The Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank
  • The Calgary Hitmen
  • Show Kids You Care
  • Calgary Produce Marketing Association

Facts Bits & Bites:
With over 250 elementary school s in Calgary, SouperStars has succeeded in visiting more than 100 of these schools and taught over 200 classrooms.

For less than a toonie you can supply a child with a snack of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy product plus more through our Souper Stars Program!

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