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About Us

The Community Kitchen Program of Calgary operates a self-empowering model to address the needs of marginalized Calgarians. We have continually evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of our city, in response to our deepening awareness and understanding of the complex issues of poverty and hunger.

We teach participants how to prepare nutritious meals, budget their finances -- making their income stretch by preparing cost effective, healthy meals, as well as providing a means to access nutritious food.

The programs we have built help adults, children and families to eat healthier, at a lower cost, learning how to cut the grocery bills and most importantly how to keep these healthy habits throughout their lifetime. We are not just giving a 'hand-out', but a 'hand-up'! Children are the future, which is why we teach our next generation about nutrition, smart grocery shopping, how to read a food label, safety with knives, cross contamination, and even proper etiquette. These children will obtain information and hopefully keep it with them as they grow, influencing the following generations and in turn, lowering the hunger population in this city.