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Tummy Tamers

Tummy Tamers is one of the very few initiatives in Calgary that provides a feeding program specifically designed for children from ages 5-12 in low-income communities over the months of July and August.

Children in low-income communities, frequently depend on school-based feeding programs. Tummy Tamers provides them with the opportunity to have a hot lunch throughout the summer.

How does it work?
A hot lunch is provided for 2 parks that the City of Calgary has their Park n’ Play program at. Every hot lunch is complete with healthy food choices and includes all 4 of the food groups from Canada's Food Guide. In addition to the hot lunch sites, Tummy Tamers visits 3-4 other sites to deliver an afternoon snack to the children at the day camp.

Tummy Tamers is able to continue making a difference in the daily lives of children participating in Park n’ Playday camps provided by the City of Calgary.

Along with feeding the children either a hot lunch or snack, Tummy Tamers informs the children about nutrition and the value of a healthy, active lifestyle. We use many creative ways of delivering the topics designed specifically for children. The particular objectives of the Tummy Tamers educational component are:

  • Children will have the ability to describe the four food groups
  • Children will develop the attitude that food is fun to eat and that we should choose a variety of healthy food items
  • Children will understand the importance of eating breakfast
  • Children will gain the knowledge of what a healthy snack looks like


Why do we run this program?
With a total of 14 sites visited for hot lunches, and 24 sites visited to drop off snacks, Tummy Tamers served 8,312 lunches and 5,281 snacks and 6,094 hot lunches in 2017. These meals were fed to over 8,800 children in different quadrants of the city of Calgary. Many of the children we feed, whether a hot lunch or a snack, otherwise may not have had food that day. We have seen children eat fruits they have never had the opportunity to have, and nutrition they may not receive from the food at home.

What is the future?
We look forward to expanding the program to continually reach more park sites and in turn feeding more children in the city of Calgary.

The help we receive:
The Tummy Tamers summer program would not be possible without the support from various partners and corporations. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the donations and generosity of others to run such unique programs as Tummy Tamers. A very special thank you to those that so kindly donate food, gift cards and day passes to toys and prizes. It means more than you know!

Thank You to Our Supporters:

  • Calgary Co-op
  • Calgary Interfaith Food Bank
  • Vivo

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For more information:

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